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News 21.12.2020

VERO is introducing its new logo

VERO Translation that stands out in the translation business continues to invest human capital and technology, and has recently launched a new corporate style. The company's new corporate identity and branding was designed by Marcom Marketing and Communications.

Ali Ahmadov, Director at VERO Translation, said the new logo complemented our philosophy. "While we thought this process would be long and tedious, Marcom successfully coped with the task and did it so in one shot. After the rebranding, we expect to introduce our new VERO Translation website. We trust Marcom will do precisely what we set out to accomplish.”

Marcom CEO Jeyhun Farzaliyev, the logo is designed in the "Alphabetical" style. "In the design, the corporate name is introduced in a more fresh and distinctive style. VERO set the goal to reflect an element that would merge the company's mission and perspective in one. We attempted to marry the approach to business and the quality of services provided through company’s fresh logo design. We proposed only 2 logo concepts, and this was agreed with the customer. We are working hard to present the new logo in all written, e-documents, news and ads of the company.”

VERO was previously trading in the market under ING Translations brand name. The company is currently negotiating a strategic partnership deal with Marcom to expand its share in the domestic and foreign markets.

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VERO is introducing its new website

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news 04.03.2021

VERO will partner with Marcom

VERO Translation which provides more than 10 types of translation services to local and foreign companies in Azerbaijan, has become a strategic translation partner of Marcom. 

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VERO visualized its corporate services

VERO Translation, a leading player in translation in Azerbaijan for over five years, presented its service icons that Marcom has designed.

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