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Simultaneous Interpretation

The simultaneous interpretation service is one of the most challenging services we offer to customers. This type of service is distinguished from others because the interpreter interprets the speaker's ideas immediately and nonstop. This type of service is usually arranged in various conferences and events. The interpreter is provided with a cabin equipped with special hearing aids, sound equipment, and a microphone.


  • We fill in the brief

    To better understand your needs and provide a quality service, our company representative will contact you and ask you questions regarding the event.

  • Assign a translator

    From our updated professional interpreter database, we select the supplier(s) suitable for your event and direct them to you.

  • We check the speed

    We adjust the interpreter's interpretation speed with the speakers' speaking pace. This is important for the comfort of the participants.

  • We test

    We test the equipment set aside for you to ensure that the interpretation process is uninterrupted. We keep spare devices to eliminate technical malfunction that may occur during the event.

Note: The points mentioned above are the main steps during the implementation of the translation service. For more information, please contact us.

Advantages of the service:

  • We have experience

    Our simultaneous interpretation service and equipment accompanied multiple events in the country. The fact that the organizers of the event come back to us shows our experience and professionalism.

  • We have the technical know-how

    The experience shows that in many cases, the interpreter or the speaker faces a malfunction of the equipment. Our technical skills help us to solve the problem swiftly.

  • We apply the tailor-made approach

    We carefully choose the words we interpret so that the ideas are clear to each participant.

Your business deserves the best translation service

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The above mentioned are the main stages during the provision of the translation service. For more information, please contact us.