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Legal translation

The translation of legal documents is a very responsible process. Just as it is essential to choose the right words, use the terminology in the right place, avoid polysemantic words and expressions that could lead to litigation in the future is a specific feature of legal documents. We understand that a small error in translation could result in significant commitment. To safeguard you against these and similar risks, we involve our employees in our continuously updated online database and have translation experience in the legal field.     

As a VERO Group, we are ready to be your closest assistant and safe provider with our translators who have successful oral or written experience and a terminological base.        

Legal translation directions:

  • Contracts, legal terms, decisions, clarifications, statements, and other legal documents;
  • Domestic and international legislation, court cases, and related documents into different languages;
  • Company's statutes;
  • Court interpretations;
  • Patent;
  • Notarization of legal documents.

Advantages of the service:

Your business deserves the best translation service

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