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Message from managing partner

Ali Ahmadov

Even though VERO's history doesn't start from a garage in Silicon Valley like it was for many startup companies, we aim to transform our field of activity in a way it was nurtured in Silicon Valley.

The company invests in human capital and technology to meet the translation needs of individuals and companies in Azerbaijan. We are interested in bringing the young and promising translators of our country to a higher level of professionalism.

The rapid and accurate development of the translation industry in our country will push companies' quick entry from different areas into the international arena. The value added by this sector to the country's economy will further increase the demand for translation and development potential in general. For this development, the companies' professionalism involved in this field should reach a significant level.

VERO's primary goal is to fill the gaps faced by market participants by improving the translation services and integrating technology. We continue our work to reach this goal together with all our employees.

VERO works for its clients to ensure they can present their thoughts and ideas most accurately.

Kind regards, Ali Ahmadov